We partner with like-minded clients who think differently.  As trusted advisors, we apply contextual intelligence to our client’s biggest challenges and help them achieve competitive edge.

Our work on bespoke consulting assignments has helped many organisations get to grips with their unique challenges.

The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage
Arie de Geus – former head of Shell Oil Company’s Strategic Planning Group



We provide support through all stages of the football club M&A journey (both buy & sell side), from deal origination, performance due diligence, business strategy development and post transaction support. We are experienced in the nuances of football club investment, helping our clients avoid mistakes and maximise ROI.


We advise football clubs, leagues and associations on their long term strategy, through helping define long term goals and building practical plans to achieve them. Our work is supported by unique expertise and pertinent evidence to increase confidence in strategic decisions.


We work in partnership with our clients, using our intelligence engine to inform key decisions around a variety of areas, including recruitment and head coach hire. Our technology enables us to conduct bespoke research and predictive modelling to fully inform your decisions.

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