ACQUISITION by 21st Club provides boardrooms with objective information that mitigates risk and maximises reward by supporting smarter player trading decisions.

Every club strives to create the most efficient and diligent player recruitment processes, but the reality can be complex and frustrating.

In an industry where 50% of transfers fail player acquisition can feel like a confusing and inconsistent process. There are phone calls from agents, the rumours in the press and an avalanche of contradictory information. Too much noise, not enough substance.

Presenting advanced metrics based on years of focused research, ACQUISITION helps you cut through the noise to optimise your recruitment strategy.

When you’re responsible for multi-million pound decisions, having access to trusted, contextualised data is key to reducing risk and exploiting market inefficiencies. ACQUISITION helps you to streamline and validate your processes, aligning them to the club’s long-term vision and helping your boardroom to make strategically coherent decisions.

  • Use objective research to validate decisions
  • Improve shortlists and due diligence.
  • Mitigate risk and strengthen negotiation tactics.
  • Global database of over 83,000 players and 2600 teams.

Acquisition FAQs

Can Acquisition help me with my planning in Evolution?

You can add potential signings from Acquisition to your scenario plans in Evolution, helping you to assess the associated costs and risk implications of new players in the squad.

How many players can I search?

There are over 75,000 players from over 2,600 clubs across Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America. The database includes players from teams down to the 6th level of football in certain regions.

Can I customise my searches?

Yes. We appreciate that different clubs have different requirements in the transfer market. Based on your priorities, the system makes tailored recommendations around the likely risks and costs associated with potential signings.

How many logins can I have?

There is no restriction on the number of logins that you can have. If you need to request additional logins after subscribing, email

Where can I find out more about the intelligence that powers Evolution?

Our Football Intelligence department has extensively researched and developed the models that power Acquisition. Email for more details on the intelligence behind the numbers.

How can I access Acquisition?

We offer monthly or annual billing arrangements. Payment is currently accepted by bank transfer, with a credit card payment facility available soon.

Can I have a free trial?

Please contact to let us know your requirements.

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