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Bee more hive

Like many towns across the world, Codsall, on the outskirts of Wolverhampton, England, has become a ghost town. A ghost town of empty cafes and restaurants. But local arts and crafts cafe, The Codsall Hive refuse to be broken. To keep themselves alive, they’ve started offering customers the chance to pick up pottery decorating kits from the shop to take home contact-free. Not only are they protecting themselves now, they’ve also stumbled upon a new revenue stream that could serve them for years to come. The giant restaurant chains of the world will all likely survive the pandemic, but only the smartest of the smaller establishments, those like The Codsall Hive can safeguard their own futures. The football market is no different. Its giants will undoubtedly survive, albeit in a new reality. The smaller clubs and leagues are those who are being forced into a new way of doing things, to ensure their own survival.

That innovation in football has already begun. Danish side FC Midtjylland have begun planning for the world’s first drive-in football experience. Sharing their stadium car-park with a vast exhibition centre, Midtjylland have seized an opportunity to improve their own way of doing things. One that will likely long outlive Covid-19.

Most clubs may not have the luxury of the largest car-park at a football stadium in Europe. That doesn’t mean they can’t innovate and it doesn’t mean they can’t be efficient. Clubs who have a track record of efficiently running on a tight budget not only have the experience, but the infrastructure in place to manage tricky waters. Those who choose to innovate are only better safeguarding their future success through doing so. A success that may exceed their past.

When the world re-emerges from the shadows of the current pandemic, we can’t and don’t expect it to look the same as before. The football market has typically supported a model of operating beyond means, but circumstance will force change. The smartest clubs have already positioned themselves to not only survive, but thrive in the new environment. To ensure a safeguarded future, at least in the short term, it would pay for more clubs to be more like The Codsall Hive.

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