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Three thoughts for the future

The coronavirus pandemic has paralysed sport, and given us all bigger concerns than the result of our next match. While we wait for some normalcy to resume – whether it be weeks, months, or longer – many of us have some time to think about the future, and what we want it to be.

To help us do that, we’ve reflected on the past five years to give us a sense of what might be achievable over the next half decade.

  1. On this day in 2015, Leicester City were bottom of the Premier League, with 4 wins from 28 matches. Since then, well, they’ve done rather well. What can we learn from their journey that we could apply to our own five-year plan?

  2. In March 2015, Lille were on course for their worst season in nearly a decade. Since then, they’ve moved from a team with an average age over 26 to one under 24, and have since shown under majority owner Gérard Lopez that you can win with kids – can a change of mindset provide positive, transformational change?

  3. Finally, five years ago Norway were about to be hammered 5-1 by Croatia in the Euro 2016 qualifiers. The Norwegians had long been burdened with the legacy of their long-ball playing style in the 1990s, and while reforms were in place to better develop technical talent, that defeat made progress seem a long way off. However, their long-term plan is now coming to fruition, with the emergence of elite talent like Martin Ødegaard, Erling Håland, and Kristoffer Ajer. What can we put in place today that might not materialise for years, but is almost certainly the best for the long run?

It is clearly a challenging time for everyone, but time is the one thing we do now have. When thinking about the future, it helps to reflect on some case studies from the past, and use it as inspiration to plot our own trajectories.

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