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Younger, better, cheaper

The best possible signing is when there was no one younger, better, and cheaper available. But do we know when this is the case?

A global database of players can help. In an instant, it’s clearly easier to know who is younger than our current preferred option. Our player valuation and salary expectation models can also help identify players who are cheaper. And our Player Contribution Model can pick out individuals whose playing time and team level indicate that they’re better players.

We’ve used Ivan Perišić as an example below, but this exercise can and should be applied to any player that any club globally is considering recruiting – indeed it becomes even more important when you’re outside football’s elite.

The Venn diagram doesn’t give definitive answers, but it presents the scale of the alternative options. In recruitment, we don’t sign the best player available; we sign the best player we know. When scouting resource is scarce and noise from agents is high, a full perspective on market options is essential, as allows us to use our time – for video and live scouting – much more efficiently.

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