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The Money League trend

The 21st annual Deloitte Money League report highlights the rate of financial growth at the top of the game, with revenues up 6% in the top 20 and as much as 58% for Leicester City and 46% for Internazionale.

Combined with our own World Super League, which ranks teams globally in one ‘league table’ based on performance, the DML again highlights that while wealth enables clubs to reach a certain level, sustained high performance comes through finding competitive edge.

Milan, for example, are an ever-present in the DML top 30, but the club now ranks 50th in our World Super League. Decline in on-field performance has precipitated a drop out of the Money League top 10 (in 2014) and then top 20 (2017), as rivals have seemingly caught up with their innovations in sports science, for example.

Atlético Madrid, meanwhile, found an edge through succession planning, recruitment and playing style, and are slowly closing the financial gap in the process. Manchester United too have closed a financial gap – such that they have topped the DML for the last two years – but are yet to outperform their equally-wealthy rivals on the pitch.

There’s no denying that on a global scale financial muscle brings results, but as many as 10 teams in our World Super League top 30 are not in Deloitte’s list this year. Smart clubs place value on being in this group of overachievers.

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