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The realistic recruiter

Signing new players represents one of the biggest opportunities to move the needle in football, regardless of our club’s size and stature. It also carries a huge risk: the cost of getting it wrong.

Fans and other stakeholders expect new signings to make an instant impact, yet they often fail to become core players in their first season. We tend to get caught up in the noise and the urgency and seek out quick-fixes, letting the transfer window happen to us rather than by us.

The realistic recruiter thinks differently. He doesn’t believe in overnight successes nor silver bullets. He first takes times to diligently assess his own squad to identify the weakest links and possibilities for upgrades. He has a succession plan in place. He works up various scenarios and has numerous back-up options, thus maximising his negotiating buyer power. He obsesses over the details of every transfer yet thinks like a trader managing a portfolio of assets; unlikely to get it right every time, yet likely to outperform the market in the long-run with the right process. He uses analytics to cast the net wider, while simultaneously becoming more targeted and efficient. He puts the club first, knowing that the new player is likely to be around for longer than the head coach. He uses the intelligence embedded within Acquisition as part of his due diligence to understand potential risk and upside. He remains opportunistic, yet sticks to the plan.

The realistic recruiter mindset is available to all of us. It takes courage to challenge our existing processes and focus to ignore how the industry wants us to act. Competitive edge is often about knowing many things, rather than just one big thing.

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