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Taking stock

During the season, we spend so much time in ‘push mode’ that we can forget to celebrate what went well or to evaluate why. “You’re only as good as your last game!”, or so the saying goes.  We tend to take stock only at the end of the season, when we finally get a chance to come up for air.

Ideally, pre-season expectations will have been set against which an objective review can be made. But in the absence of such pre-defined targets, an effective method of assessing the season is to review a club’s performance relative to resources*.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, this alternative perspective validates the achievements of both Leicester and Dortmund this season. But interestingly, this approach can also highlight teams that may have slipped under the radar – Torino for example: a team that despite lying 12th in Serie A has demonstrated impressive underlying performances that have notably exceeded the expectation set by the value of their squad.

For some, the season is far from over. Although now’s the time to at least start structuring an end of season review that digs deeper than merely the league table, which invariably lies.

Success next season may well come from truly understanding what happened during this one.

*Ideally by wage bill, but in the absence of published payroll the squad’s value is a useful proxy for the first team talent at the club’s disposal.

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