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Changing lanes

In turns out that weaving back and forth between freeway* lanes will invariably not get you to your destination faster.

The same is true in football, where we’re often too quick to make changes when things are seemingly not going our way. For example, in the Big 5 leagues, on average we change head coaches every 12 months, despite the data telling us that such change has little impact on the long-run performance of the team.

By all means give yourself room to manoeuvre if the current plan isn’t working. But before you change lanes make sure that you’ve taken the time to truly understand where the prevailing course will take you.

When you know where you’re headed and why, often the more courageous move is to pick a lane and stick to it. Even when it seems like the other lanes are moving faster.

*The photo was taken from the back of my cab in New York a few weeks ago. Despite my erratic driver’s best intentions, I probably didn’t reach my destination any quicker.

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