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The smart boardroom…

Sets the right pre-season expectations, based on the right metrics.

Implements long-term strategies, rather than relying on short-term tactics.

Creates accountability around the club’s philosophy, to ensure that progress and success is measured against relevant KPIs.

Recognises the importance of measuring performance, not only results.

Knows that wage bill doesn’t automatically = success, and that innovation can often be the differentiator.

Appreciates that success in the transfer market is often no more certain than the toss of a coin, so nudges the odds in their favour by creating simple recruitment guidelines and identifying likely future stars from their own academy.

Recruits a new manager or head coach according to the club’s existing structure and philosophy, instead of giving the new boss carte blanche.

Has contingency plans in place, when things inevitably don’t go to plan.

Doesn’t panic on transfer deadline day, and enjoys the freedom to do nothing.

Understands that listening and engaging with fans is the key to success.

We live in a short term world—but sometimes we just need to remember the advantage in taking the long way round.

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