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Thinking about our assets

Take a blank piece of paper and a pen. Draw a line down the centre, and then intersect horizontally to produce a matrix. Add an arrow to each line, pointing up and right:

Copy of IMG_0889

Label each of the boxes as follows:

Top right: high cost, high productivity*

Top left: high cost, low productivity

Bottom right: low cost, high productivity

Bottom left: low cost, low productivity

Next, plot your players onto the matrix, according to their cost (fixed salary + bonuses) and productivity. So, your high cost, high productivity players (‘established talent’) should appear top right, while the low cost, low productivity players (‘undervalued talent’) will go into the bottom right box, and so on.

It’s a simple and effective exercise to help us understand how much value for money we get from our player assets. It can also be useful when reviewing the equality of the payroll, and negotiating contract renewals.

The good news is that Evolution can now automatically track, calculate and visualise this cost vs productivity matrix for you, allowing you to focus on the actual decision making process.


*NB: ‘productivity’ can either be defined as percentage of minutes played this season, or level of performance. The exercise works with either metric, although minutes played principally measures volume, while performance gages quality.

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