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What would you do if you were Dortmund?

Football creates outliers like no other sport. A miscued shot here, an 50/50 handball call there, and before long it’s no wins in ‘x’ games, or no goals in ‘y’ hours.

Most outliers find their way back to earth, their tether being reeled in by the forces of probability. But for Borussia Dortmund this season, the tether has yet to go taut; results have continued to spin wildly into space.


And yet, the manager remains. The captain remains. The best player signs a new contract until 2019. Attendances are unchanged.

Using 21st Club’s Performance League model to look under the bonnet, Dortmund’s underlying performance is still very much of a top-four standard. They create good chances and don’t allow many. Their goal difference is 14 goals worse than what it deserves to be. Results must surely improve.

To an outsider, Dortmund appear to be built on trust. To represent, to support, to play for Dortmund is not a transient experience. There is no short-termism, there is no panic.

Would we react the same at our own clubs? Would we confuse urgency with panic?

What would you do if you were Dortmund?

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