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Will this help us win?

Before signing a new player, before investing in a new technology, before applying analytics to your process, before accepting that meeting, ask yourself and colleagues: “will this help us to win?”

If the answer is ambiguous (examples include: “it will help us keep pace with the times”, “because it gives us objectives information to supplement with subjective intuition” or “because we always meet time every month”) – then tell those asking for budget or time to get back to the drawing board.

Sometimes we lose sight of the end game, which is undoubtedly to achieve competitive edge and to win.

‘Winning’, of course, needn’t necessarily mean the next game. It depends on your club’s objective and could relate to developing future talent, making a profit, serving the community and/or finishing above expectation.

But if it’s not helping you to win, then it’s really not worth it.

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