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Changing the conversation with launch of Goal Difference

We’ve spent the last few months working on a new project, and I wanted to share our thinking with you…

It’s called Goal Difference.

Its purpose? To change the conversation in football. 

Goal Difference has been created for football’s most important stakeholder – the fans. Fans look to football for stimulation. For hope. For escapism. Fans want to be inspired. And they crave insight.

We believe that this is currently an unmet need in football. We’re a little tired of the current data narrative and same old use of statistics in football’s mainstream media – hence why we want to change the conversation. To use an old football idiom, Goal Difference aims to go ‘against the run of play’ by delivering innovative and groundbreaking stats-led content. And we want to enable supporters to connect with each other and spark fresh debate.

Since we started 21st Club, we’ve been focused on helping football clubs achieve competitive edge, and helping rights holders, brands and media to reach their audiences in new ways.

Goal Difference is our own platform with our own voice, although the plan is to continue working with clients (B2B) – helping them to create new experiences for their own tribes of followers, and drive new revenue streams from the data-driven content. So we wanted to make it easy for our media partners to access our content – hence the data widget approach and HTML5 responsiveness.

The design objectives for Goal Difference were to make it interactive, beautiful and mobile.  The minimum viable product is now live and starts to deliver on these UI and UX goals, and the platform will continue to evolve with new content that goes ‘against the run the play’.

The best way to understand Goal Difference is to give it a try of course. You’ll be able to:

watch how attacking momentum unfolds live during a match,

monitor which Premier League clubs have the most Costly Injuries,

understand which teams who have the best chance of winning the World Cup,

see how teams in Europe would rank, if there was a European Super League, or

appreciate which players score the important goals for their teams.

Here are some of the early reviews, and how people have engaged with the site via Twitter:

@carlsberg: See which players score the most important goals for their team  #GoalDifference #PointsScored

@Banouby: Really impressed with  from @21stClub

@GoalImpact: Excellent visualization of the WorldCup by @FootyFanalytics:

@shrew123: Robert Lewandowski scored 20 league goals this season – only 6 of them were decisive goals (H/T @FootyFanalytics):

@JeffAgoos@FootyFanalytics how is “momentum” defined?:

Thanks for giving Goal Difference a try and for sharing it with your friends. Feel free to give us your feedback too, as we would love to hear what you care about.

PS – because the team here are so excited by the World Cup, Goal Difference have also created a World Cup Sweepstake game, where participants randomly get allocated a team to support during the tournament! Create a game, invite your friends and Goal Difference will send you predictions and unique information on your team during the World Cup…

Boa sorte!

Blake | 21st Club

@blakewooster | @21stClub

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