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  • 24 Mar 2015

    Trouble ahead in football analytics?

    The public football analytics scene has enjoyed a fruitful four or so years now. The work of a few talented analysts is garnering some mainstream media attention, and a few are being hired by clubs either as consultants or full-time staff. As with any cultural “scene” however, the analytics movement will be prone to a few existential challenges over time, some of which can at best slow progress for a few months, and at worst derail work in the field for years. Whilst I think the work of public statistical analysis in football is as good as ever, it’s best to identify key problems it will face in the near future.
  • 17 Sep 2014

    Why intuition need not be a dirty word in football analytics

    The incomparable Mike Goodman wrote an excellent summary of the state of analytics *ahem* over at Grantland last week. In giving us a snapshot of the current advances in football analytics, Goodman makes the crucial distinction between data and analytics. As a rule, the former tells you what happened, while the latter helps tell you what, to varying degrees, will likely happen.
  • 02 Sep 2014

    A 5,000-to-1 Long Shot

    Back in May 2012, shortly after the rollicking Premier League season in which Manchester City, tied on points with Manchester United, won the Premier League trophy on the back of Sergio Aguero’s thrilling last minute winner against QPR, an independent football analyst James Grayson published a short blog post on his simple, eponymous Wordpress site. It was titled “Manchester United: A fading star?”