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  • 04 Mar 2015

    Who else is doing this?

    Football is in an age of innovation. New thinking and new technology now runs through the sport, though many areas for development remain untapped.When confronted with a new software, ideology or opportunity, clubs will often ask: Who else is doing this?Guardian Gallery, Kirby/Getty Images A club might ask this for one of two reasons. Some clubs want case […]
  • 05 Dec 2014

    The alternative to agents

    Agents have a bad reputation in football. As Football Economy recently pointed out, the common perception is something like this: agents only have their own financial interests at heart; they unsettle players wherever possible and alert the media in order to engineer unnecessary deals; they then leverage their relationships to play various clubs off against […]
  • 07 Nov 2014

    Will this help us win?

    Before signing a new player, before investing in a new technology, before applying analytics to your process, before accepting that meeting, ask yourself and colleagues: “will this help us to win?”If the answer is ambiguous (examples include: "it will help us keep pace with the times”, “because it gives us objectives information to supplement with […]