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  • 10 Nov 2016

    How many players do we need?

    Implicit in all the decisions around player trading and youth promotion is a prediction about the depth of squad needed to compete during the season. Some clubs hope to go deep in all competitions, others are content at prioritising the league.Given the average footballer’s annual pay is a deeply material cost to the club, it […]
  • 27 Aug 2015

    Heads or tails?

    It’s natural in life to want new things; such is the world we live in today. But as football’s summer transfer window reaches its climax, I wanted to know how many new signings actually turn out to be an immediate success.“Less than half” was the prompt response from one of the analysts in our office, […]
  • 01 May 2015

    The flexibility-stability trade-off

    The difficulties in managing the contractual position of a squad is one of the main obstacles to achieving long-term success at a football club.Buyout clauses, extension options, achievement-based salary bumps contingent on team-based performance: just some factors that must be considered within the wider context of helping the team win in the long run.Thanks to […]