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  • 15 Mar 2017

    Taking the long road

    Being a listed company has many benefits – easy access to capital, for example, and an ability to spread risk among a wider group of investors. But listing can also change a business’ priorities as the share price morphs from a useful barometer of market sentiment to a millstone around the neck of CEOs whose […]
  • 10 Nov 2016

    How many players do we need?

    Implicit in all the decisions around player trading and youth promotion is a prediction about the depth of squad needed to compete during the season. Some clubs hope to go deep in all competitions, others are content at prioritising the league.Given the average footballer’s annual pay is a deeply material cost to the club, it […]
  • 01 Sep 2016

    An avoidable distraction

    September always brings a certain tranquility to the world of football when juxtaposed against the annual melee of deadline day.  As the clock runs down on August, buying clubs rush to bolster their squad while selling clubs look to offload their expensive, unproductive assets.  Indeed, since 2010 a remarkable 18% of business in the Premier […]
  • 11 Feb 2016

    Urgent vs. important

    “What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.” — Dwight D. Eisenhower Your next match is urgent.Your position at the end of the season is important.Dealing with a disappointing result from the weekend is urgent, understanding if you actually deserved to lose is important.Signing a new player in the window is urgent, creating […]
  • 15 Oct 2015

    The football vs business view

    “Football clubs need to be run like businesses” is one of the sport’s current buzz phrases. While it is true that changing regulation and attitudes mean that there is an increased focus on adopting more corporate practices, football remains totally unlike many other industries.Many football clubs have internal struggles between the ‘football view’ and the […]
  • 08 Oct 2015

    The second season illusion

    In June 2010, Birmingham City manager Alex McLeish vowed that his club - which had just finished an impressive 9th place in the Premier League following promotion - would not be victims of ‘second season syndrome’. “We will do some homework regarding teams that struggled a bit in their second years to see if we […]
  • 01 Oct 2015

    The smart boardroom…

    Sets the right pre-season expectations, based on the right metrics.Implements long-term strategies, rather than relying on short-term tactics.Creates accountability around the club’s philosophy, to ensure that progress and success is measured against relevant KPIs.Recognises the importance of measuring performance, not only results. Knows that wage bill doesn’t automatically = success, and that innovation can often […]
  • 16 Sep 2015

    Four facts

    Four facts you should consider when planning for the future:1. The league table often lies: because football is such a low scoring sport, teams don't always get the results they deserve. This season in La Liga, for example, Getafe sit rock bottom of the league, yet they're actually the 9th best performing team in the league […]
  • 06 Aug 2015

    The outside view

    In the brilliant book Thinking Fast and Slow, author Daniel Kahneman recalls a time when he assembled an expert team to write a textbook designed to teach judgement and decision making in high schools.As part of the process, Kahneman asked everyone in the team to write down an estimate of how long it would take […]